Instructions for Collection:
- Do not brush teeth before collecting sample.
- Do not eat or drink for 15 minutes prior to sample collection.
- Collect sample between 11:00 pm and midnight. No earlier than 11:00 pm and no later than 12:00 am, midnight , otherwise you will have to repeat the test.

This is a time sensitive collection. It must be done between 11:00 pm and 12:00 am, midnight.

To use the Salivette:
- Remove top cap of the tube to expose the swab.
- Pour swab directly into the mouth by tipping the tube so the swab falls into the mouth.
- Do NOT touch the swab with your fingers.
- Keep the swab in your mouth for approximately one minute.
- Roll the swab in your mouth.
- Do NOT chew the swab.
- Spit the swab back into the tube. 
- Do NOT touch the swab with your fingers.
- Replace the cap. 
- Make sure cap is screwed on tightly.
- Record the collection time on the tube.

Additional Instructions:
If you are not able to return within eight hours after collection, please keep refrigerated until you can bring back; it must be returned within three days.

You must have a lab appointment scheduled to bring in sample. Please call two days in advance to schedule this appointment.

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