How do I obtain prescription refills?

Please call your pharmacy where your original prescription was filled to request a refill of your medication. Your pharmacist will call Endocrinology Clinic of Minneapolis, PA to request any pertinent information. Allow us up to 2 Business days to have the physician authorize your refill request.

How do I transfer my prescription to a different pharmacy?

If you need to transfer your medication to a different pharmacy, please inform your pharmacy of the change request. If you are having problems obtaining medication, please contact the clinic at 952-927-7810 so that we can assist you in getting the medication you need.

How do I obtain mail order prescriptions?

If you are using a mail order pharmacy, we will be happy to mail the prescription to your home or you are welcome to pick up the prescriptions at our office. If you provide us with the fax number of your mail order pharmacy we will fax the prescription for you. We do not call mail order pharmacies. Please call the mail order company to assure that the medication is on the way. If you are going to be out of medication before your mail order prescription arrives, please call the clinic at 952-927-7810. We can either call a smaller prescription to a local pharmacy or give you samples if they are available.

Why does my endocrinologist insist on name-brand rather than generic thyroid hormone? Or I’m on generic thyroid hormones is this okay?

The choice between name brand and generic thyroid hormone can be a complicated one. Although the FDA reports that the two are equivalent there is controversy over the methods and lab testing used by the FDA to make this conclusion. Generic products are not held to the same accuracy standards and can have much variability which can lead to fluctuations in the thyroid levels. In the case of thyroid cancer, this can be clinically important.

Although most patients on generic thyroid medication do well without significant symptoms, generic levothyroxine treatment may lead to fluctuations in thyroid levels and make it more difficult for the physician to regulate the medication dosing. There is an important caution in that there are many generic thyroid hormone companies and these do differ. If the manufacture of your product changes it is recommended that thyroid levels be rechecked in 6 – 8 weeks to make sure that levels remain in the therapeutic range.