American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

Provides information regarding endocrine related disorders.

American Diabetes Association

Excellent resource for information regarding diabetes, including prevention, research, care, nutrition, recipes, and more.

American Dietetic Association

Promotes optimal nutrition, health and well being.

American Thyroid Association

Provides resources related to thyroid disorders.

Patient education materials on more than 5,000 topics relating to health and medications.

Hennepin County
Residents of Hennepin County can dispose of unwanted medicines in drop boxes at no cost.

Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic website is a great resource for medical information.

Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety
Download a medication tracking list and tips for medicine safety.

Minnesota Board on Aging

Download the Health Care Directive Legal Form and suggestions for completing it.

The Hormone Foundation

Promotes prevention, treatment and cure of hormone related conditions.


Provides health information and tools for managing your health.