First Morning: 
- Wake up in the morning and void the first morning urine into the toilet.
- Each time you have to urinate, collect it into the jug provided by the clinic.
- Must collect for a full 24 hour period. 
- Please keep jug refrigerated during collection.

The Next Morning:
- Wake up in the morning and collect the first morning urine and place in the jug. This is the last urine to be collected.
- When finished with collection, you must return the jug back to the clinic within an 8 hour time period. 

Back to the Clinic: 
You must have a lab appointment to bring the jug back. There are No Walk-In appointments
You can either make that appointment before you leave the clinic or when you have received the jug.

Some tests will have a preservative put into the jug. This is to remain in the jug for the whole duration of collecting. We provide urine hats for those collections. A urine hat looks like a plastic hat. It fits on the toilet and you can urinate in it to collect your urine for the test. When you return the jug the lab does not want the urine hat back. Please discard the urine hat at home before coming into the clinic.

If you have any questions regarding the test or collection, please feel free to call us at 952-927-7810.Print Urine Collection Instructions > Download (PDF)